Importing Dogs to USA

All of our pups have to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. On receiving the registration forms of each pup I send the forms to the new owners. For American buyers I download the AKC Foreign Dog Registration Form. I fill all the pertinent info out on the form and include copies of 4th generation pedigrees for sire and dam. All the new owner has to do is include two 3″ x 5″ colour photos fairly close up. One from the front and one from the side. Include $100 USD Money Order, sign the form, and mail everything to the address on the envelope I supply. In 26 to 28 days you should get your AKC registration form in the mail. The pup will now be registered AKC and CKC.

We are often asked about the process of importing 8-week old pups from Canada to the United States. The following process outlines the steps any new owner needs to take.

Simply email the following information to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at They will answer your enquiry in 5 to 7 days by email.

1. Buyer’s name: Full name of the purchaser for the purpose of the CDC being able to identify buyer for the purpose of the confinement agreement. The agreement maybe required when checking the pup in at cargo, or at a land border crossing. Include full address including zip code, as well as telephone number email address.

2. Identification details: Include pup’s colour, weight, any coat markings, e.g. white on toes, chest. The pup’s date of birth, sex, identification (meaning microchip or tattoo numbers). For country of origin or most current location, I would state where the pup currently resides (i.e. name and full address of breeder, including province, country and postal code, telephone number and email address).

3. Transport details: The name of the breeder or person taking the pup to the airport (state which one). The time leaving home and approximate time of arrival at the airport. Full address and email if possible of the person taking the pup to the airport. Include all airline and flight details, including flight number, departure and arrival times, and any stops on the way to your final destination.

4. Buyer’s explanation for purchase: Share that you have been wanting to purchase a pup out of this breeding for some time. Explain health clearances, and include copies of pedigrees of both sire and dam. Explain the reason for requesting confinement agreement is that the breeder will not keep a pup till it is 4 months old so that it can travel with a rabies shot. Promise to live up to the guidelines of the confinement agreement, including stating that the pup will remain at your address and that any time the pup leaves the house it will have a leash and collar, and wear a muzzle. The pup will be vaccinated at 12 weeks for rabies and you will follow the rules of confinement for the duration of the confinement agreement. Restate that you are really looking forward to getting a pup out of this litter and receiving a positive response from CDC’s office.

Note: The confinement agreement has to be in the hands of the person taking the pup across the border regardless of method of transportation.

This procedure is pretty straight forward and can be accomplished quickly and easily.