Chesapeake pup from Crampton's


Crampton’s Guarantee

Crampton’s Chesapeakes guarantee hip, elbows and eyes, for 26 months. We also guarantee against degenerative myelopathy and exercise induced collapse becoming active for 26 months. The general health of all pups purchased is guaranteed for three weeks after taking delivery of your pup. This doesn’t include accidents or negligence on the part of the purchaser. Purchasers should make an appointment with their vet as soon as possible after receiving their pups.

OFA Certification

Crampton’s certifies this animal does not have radiographic evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia. All guarantees will be terminated if the dog is bred before it is 24 months old. Guarantees are not transferable to a second party or owner.

Purchaser must, if a dog has degenerative problems, show proof by sending specific papers to the breeder. Dogs being returned for replacement or refund must be received in good shape with all transportation expenses paid by the owner of the dog. If a replacement pup is not available, due to the breeders limited number of breeding’s, then a refund will be issued. The defective pup does not remain with the original owner unless the owner proves that pup has been spayed or neutered. If the owner of the defective pup decides to keep the pup, then, upon proof of the pup being spayed or neutered, a refund of half the purchase price will be refunded.


An effort to socialize the pups with other people will be made. The pups will receive some basic obedience, be introduced to feathers and I introduce them first to a cap gun and a small retrieve in the hallway, a blank pistol and small training dummy outside and water if weather permits.

Deposit & Fees

Pups from this litter will require a $300.00 deposit and the balance to be paid when the pups are born. If problems occur your money will be refunded and if desired, I will make every effort to find a satisfactory pup for you from another breeder.


Shipping within Canada will be out of Ottawa Airport. Purchasers are responsible for paying all shipping costs including cost of crate and flight charges.

For owners shipping their new pup to the United States, please see our page Importing Dogs to the USA.